Team Overview

WCYBA sponsors two athletic teams (one for girls and one for boys) at each of the following grade levels:  4th, 5th, and 6th. Based on the number and quality of the players who try out for an athletic team at a particular grade level, the WCYBA Board of Directors may determine to sponsor (an) additional athletic team(s) at that grade level. 

All players whether recreation or athletic will be placed on teams based on the grade that player will be enrolled in at the time of the first game of the season. It is the preference of WCYBA for each team to have 8-10 players. This allows for each player to get maximum playing time in games and attention in practices, and it also is more manageable for the coach.

Number of 22/23 Teams

K-1 Co-ed: 12

2nd Girls: 2

2nd Boys: 6

3rd Girls: 5

3rd Boys: 5

4th Girls: 2

4th Boys Rec: 5

4th Boys Athletic: 1

5th Girls: 2

5th Boys: 5

5th Boys Athletic: 1

6th Girls: 2

6th Boys: 5

6th Boys Athletic: 3

7th Boys: 2

8th Boys: 2

HS Girls: 1

HS Boys: 9