Player Placement Information

athletic team placement

  • WCYBA sponsors two athletic teams (one for girls and one for boys) at each of the following grade levels:  3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Based on the number and quality of the players who try out for an athletic team at a particular grade level, the WCYBA Board of Directors may determine to sponsor (an) additional athletic team(s) at that grade level
  • Eligibility to Try Out For an Athletic Team:
    • Any player who is registered with WCYBA AND who resides in the West Clermont School District (area served by Amelia, Brantner, Clough Pike, Holly Hill, Merwin, Summerside, Willowville and Withamsville-Tobasco Elementary Schools) or who attends one of these elementary schools or who played for WCYBA during the previous season is eligible to try out for an athletic team. Registration fees must be paid in advance by any player wishing to try out or advance arrangements must be made for payment with the WCYBA Treasurer. 
  • Each player is guaranteed one tryout time which will be scheduled by the WCYBA Board of Directors. Each player is expected to attend the tryout session(s) which is (are) scheduled, but may be excused from attending a tryout if the player is injured or has an irreconcilable conflict which will prevent the player from attending the tryout session. A request to be excused from a particular tryout session should be addressed by a parent to the athletic team coordinator and the athletic team coordinator in his/her discretion will determine whether the request will be granted. If a player can only attend one tryout session, the player will be evaluated based only on the trout session he/she did attend.  A player may be excused from attending both tryout sessions by the athletic team coordinator only if the player is injured and is unable to participate in the tryouts due to that injury. In that event, the player will be evaluated based upon the player’s prior performances as a player in the WCYBA
  • It is the preference for each WCYBA team to have no less than 8 players, and to have 10 players if there are many “athletic quality” athletes who try out for a particular team. However, in determining the number of players on a team, the selection committee will consider the relative quality of the players who try out and the likelihood that a particular player may not receive significant playing time. It is a preference to not have more than 10 players because of the difficulty with a larger team of giving each player individual attention in practice and sufficient playing time


recreational team placement

  • Responsibility for Placement of Players - 
    • Placement of players within a grade is the primary responsibility of the grade coordinator. A coach may not assign any players to his or her team for any reason.
  • Placement Based on Grade Level 
    • A player will be placed based on the grade that the player will be enrolled in at the time of the first game of the season. A player is not permitted to “play up” except under the following circumstances: 
      • The player has a sibling who is playing in the next higher grade level and the player’s parent is the head coach of the team on which the sibling is playing. The player may be able to play for his/her parent’s team at the next higher grade level at the parent’s request. The player may continue to “play up” only so long as the player’s parent continues to be the head coach of the team at the next higher grade level. 
      • The player has such exceptional athletic ability and basketball skills that the player’s ability substantially exceeds that of any other player playing at his/her grade level and the player will not be challenged by playing at his/her own grade level. The player may “play up” only one grade and may do only with the approval of the WCYBA Board of Directors 
    • A player who is “playing up” on a 2nd grade team may continue to play up on a 3rd grade team. However, the player no longer plays up after 3rd grade unless one of the above conditions applies. 
    • No player will be permitted to “play down” a grade. 
  • Assignment of Returning Players
    • It is the preference of WCYBA that a player who played in the previous season be returned to the team and/or to the coach from the previous season. This maintains stability in the program and is helpful in maintaining balance between the various teams within a grade. A player, however, may not be assigned in the discretion of the grade coordinator to the same team and/oir the same coach under any of the following circumstances:
    • There is a need to move (a) player(s) in order to achieve a numerical balance between the players on the teams within a grade
    • An irreconcilable difference exists between the player and thye coach which warrants in the grade coordinator’s opinion moving the player to a different team.
    • The player has been a member of the same team for a minimum of three consecutive years. At the confidential request of the player/parent, the coach agrees to release the player from the team. Under this circumstance, the player will be placed back in the open roster and may be reassigned by the grade coordinator to another team which has less than 10 players. The coach of the departing and receiving team are to handle all such player reassignments in the strict confidence until the placement is confirmed by the grade coordinator. A player may only request reassignment under this circumstance a single time during his/her tenure in the WCYBA program.
    • A serious numerical or competitive imbalance among the teams in a grade or depletion in the number of players on a team has occurred because one or more players from the team making a select team or a school team. This issue should be brought to the attention of the grade coordinator by the coach of the team which as been so affected. The grade coordinator may move (a) player(s) between teams in order to correct this imbalance.
    • A change can be accommodated to allow a player to move from a team (Team A) to a different team (TEam B) at his/her parent’s request as the result of a corresponding move of a player from that team (Team B) to the first player’s team (Team A) with the consent of that player’s parents. This then allows the grade coordinator to maintain a numerical balance between the two teams. 
  • All players in a grade who are new to WCYBA or who are returning to the WCYBA program after a season or more of absence will constitute a player pool for that grade. If a player played on a team during the previous year and the head coach is not returning to coach and the grade coordinator has been unable to find a replacement for the head coach, that the player will also be part of the player pool. A pool player will be placed on a team based upon the following considerations (which are not ranked in any particular order):
    • registration date/time
    • car pooling requirements with another player or caregiver
    • maintaining a balance between teams in the same grade as to number of players and as to competitive ability

Team Size

    • It is the preference of WCYBA for each team to have 8-10 players. This allows for each player to get maximum playing time in games and attention in practices, and it also is more manageable for the coach. The grade coordinator may assign more players to a team at his/her discretion where there are not enough players to have teams of 8-10 players. An example is where there are only 12 or 13 players signed up for a grade. The grade coordinator may also in his/her discretion approve a team with only 7 players based on there not being enough players to have teams of 8-10 players. An example is where there are only 14 or 15 players signed up for a grade.